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The Milomade Shop - The Checkout Process

I have set up this page in order to quickly take you through the checkout process, step by step, so you can see how easy it is to use the Milomade online shop and buy products from me online.

I hope this step by step guide will help to dispel any fears about shopping with me online and to take away any confusion with using my shop.

Step 1. Add products to the bag

First of all you need to add products to your bag. You can do this whenever you see a product you want to purchase. Simply click the 'Add to Bag' button and you'll notice that the number on the bag graphic will change to correspond with the amount of items you have added. You can open you bag at any time and from here either click on 'Clear Bag' to remove all the items, 'Continue Shopping' to carry on adding items, or 'Go to Checkout' in order to pay for your items.

Step 2. Go to Checkout

Once you've finished shopping, click on the 'Open Bag' link and check the items listed in your bag. You can remove items from your bag by clicking on the 'remove' button at the top right corner of each item listing. If you want to change the quantities of an item, simply change the number in the 'Qty' box and this will instantly change the amount for that item. Don't worry about the estimated shipping message that appears as this is something you set up in the next step.

However, if you're local and would like to collect your order from my studio, enter the coupon code #COLLECT into the box provided and this will cancel any shipping cost for the order. You can now carry on with the checkout process as normal.

Step 3. Enter your shipping address

If this is your first online order through the Milomade Shop, in this next step you need to enter your shipping details - simply enter the required information into the form provided. If you have an account with Milomade, then in this step you can click on the 'Sign in to use the address book' button and sign into your account and select an address from the ones you have save to your account.

Step 4. Choose a delivery method

Once you have entered your shipping information you will notice that delivery method options appear in the box directly below. These methods are pulled in dynamically based on the weight of your order as well as your location. It is necessary for you to select the delivery method you need for your order and there are a few special shipping methods to be aware of that apply to UK orders.

1. Collect from studio - make sure to use the coupon code #COLLECT
2. Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm - You must select this option if you are ordering silver jewellery as it allows me to send precious metals by post and get compensation from Royal Mail for loss and damage. Even though this is a next day delivery, please be aware that a lot of my pieces are made to order and so you may not receive your item the day after you have placed you order.

Step 5. Create and Account

If it's your first order you'll need to create an account by adding an email address and creating a password which needs to be entered twice.

It's very important for you to enter a valid email address when placing your order. This email address is used to send you an order confirmation as well as allowing me to contact you easily and quickly in case there is a problem or delay with your order. If you don't add an email address you won't be able to continue to the next step of the check out process and the email box will get highlighted in red and prompt you to enter your email address.

If you're already signed in you will by-pass this step and go straight to Step 6.

Step 6. Enter your billing address

Next you have to add your billing address. If this is the same as your shipping address then you can click within the small checkbox and the system will use your shipping address for billing also. If your billing address is different, then please enter the address in the form provided.

Step 9. Pay for your order

Clicking 'Continue' takes you to the PayPal website and here you have a few options with regards to paying for your order. You can either choose to pay with your Credit / Debit card or Bank Account, or if you have a PayPal account, you can log into this and pay via PayPal. Once you have paid for your order you will be taken to a confirmation screen that will show all the details of your order - it is advisable that you print this page for your own records and the system provides you with a handy link in order to do this.

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