Spoon Transformation into a Pendant and Ring

A lovely commission undertaken to transform an antique silverware teaspoon into a unique pendant and ring.

Spoon Transformation in a Pendant and Ring

Hilary visited my studio during a local annual open studio event called Round The Horn that I am involved in alongside other artists and makers in Kinghorn. After noticing my antique silverware jewellery she mentioned that she had some heirloom silver and wondered if she could bring it round so that I could determine whether it was silver and if so to make some items for herself and her sister.

Out of her collection I made a connection with two spoons, both of which were silver and this particular commission transformed the spoon pictured above into a lovely unique pendant and ring both made for her sister. She told me that the spoons were used by her family when they were both little girls and she loved the idea of transforming them from neglected tableware into beautiful wearable pieces of jewellery.

We decided on making a ring from the stem and a pendant from the bowl of the spoon. I wanted to incorporate a bead and after several option we settled on a unique pale pink glass bead.

Please watch the slideshow below to see the whole process from start to finish...

If you have antique silverware, hidden away in a drawer somewhere, or up in the attic - find it and bring it to my studio and I will happily transform it into something you can wear or pass down to your children and grandchildren.

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