From the past to the present, from the sea to the shore, the Echoes collection is inspired by the coastal landscape that surrounds us - the textures in rock, the patterns in sand, the ripples in water - capturing the memories evoked from the grains of sand that pass through our fingers. Working with the bowls of antique silver teaspoons, using traditional jewellery making techniques, each piece in this collection is meticulously handcrafted with individuality and uniqueness in mind. Just like a pebble found on a beach, each element in the collection has it's own personal qualities, textures and details and the pieces all compliment each other beautifully. The collections consists of rings, necklets, pendants, earrings and bangles, some with rivet details in copper and silver.


Antique Silverware Rings

Working with antique silverware is a passion and I've been collecting silver teaspoons for quite some time. I only work with antique silverware that has a British hallmark as this identifies each piece as sterling silver. The stems of the teaspoons are used to make my collection of antique silverware rings which come in either Classic or Ornate designs. I also started a new collection called Arc which uses the entire spoon to form a ring, but this is still in its infancy. All the rings are open and can be sized to fit the wearer. Rings are either unique or come in limited edition sets. The images below show just a few of the designs that I've worked with.


Enduring Love

Love hearts predominate in this collection made from the bowls of recycled antique silver spoons. The collection consists of pendants, necklets, brooches, earrings and rings and all items are totally unique and made to order. Pendants have either one or two hearts, necklets and brooches three and the hearts cut from these to create the designs are too good to waste and are made into earrings and rings.



The inspiration for this collection comes from a very difficult and personal journey, one that leads ultimately - and happily - to parenthood. The oak and the acorn have represented strength and power through the ages and planting acorns and watching them grow has special significance for me. Made from recycled copper and beads, each pendant is totally unique. The Oak Leaf earrings are individually drawn and pierced from recycled sheet copper making each leaf one of a kind too.



Hand crafted from recycled copper plumbing pipes, this collection of unique brooches, pendants and earrings has an industrial feel to it and incorporates other materials,, such as recycled drink cans and rivets made from scrap silver. Nothing goes to waste in the Milomade studio.


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