Too Good to Waste

When you buy from Milomade you acquire something not just unique and beautiful but something that leaves neither damage nor waste in its wake.

Click on the images below to find out more about the rare and recycled materials I use to produce my distinct and unique Milomade range.

Too Good To Waste - Antique Silverware

Sourcing, restoring and re-purposing antique silverware into unique delicate jewellery is something I really enjoy. There is a sense of history with each piece I make. As I am forming, filing and polishing, I am capturing a memory or an essence of the past. I can’t help but wonder who used to stir their cup of tea with each teaspoon or how many times each piece of silverware was polished and proudly put on display.

I started working with antique silverware so as not to use up the world’s precious resources. Salvaged silver is rare and I have become expert in spotting it, looking out for spoons, napkin rings and sugar tongs. Nothing is wasted and even the silver dust is made molten to be turned into something beautiful and new.

I only work with silverware that is hallmarked as British .925 sterling silver. I research the hallmarks thoroughly and where appropriate provide a tag that explains the provenance of the materials used in finished pieces of jewellery. I'm happy to take commissions and work with your own silver items - please get in touch to find out more, as well as browse through previous commissions I have undertaken.

Too Good To Waste - Vintage Buttons

Almost everyone has a button collection stashed away somewhere. Often this has been handed down through generations and many of us have childhood memories of plunging our tiny hands into a tin full of buttons and searching for the prettiest, the one with a nice pattern or that is the most perfect pink. I've been collecting buttons ever since I was a little girl and love trawling through antique stores and charity shops to find unique little treasures amongst the bric-a-brac and paraphenalia. Most of my button pieces are one-of-a-kind creations, never to be repeated, others are limited edition sets. Whether set in silver, stitched to leather or used within the design for a greetings card, the buttons I use (old and new) give a whimsical, nostalgic feeling to each piece I make.

Too Good To Waste - Copper Pipes

I lovingly refer to my copper pieces as 're-plumbed' as the copper I use comes from all the pipes I've collected from our house renovations. It's amazing what you can do with a copper pipe! Once annealed, copper is soft and maleable but when work hardened, it's strong and durable. Fashioned into brooches, earrings and pendants, you would never know (unless told) that the copper once helped to heat and transfer water around my lofty old house.

Too Good To Waste - Paper Ephemera

When I was a child I used to collect erasers - the ones that were scented like candy and came in all shapes and colours and 'flavours'. I guess this is when my love of stationery began. I've rekindled this childhood passion for collecting and have a large stash of ephemera, namely maps, comics, christmas cards, music and envelopes (the ones with interesting security patterns) that I use to make a large range of stationery products, accessories and decorations. This ephemera is also slowly creeping into my jewellery designs and I have a constant stream of developing ideas which are beginning to take shape as a new collection.

If you would llike to hear me talking about my work and the materials I use and why I use them, then listen to the interview posted below. It's an interview recorded/edited by Stuart Russell for the local radio station 'Arts In Fife'. Start listening at 2.42 minutes in.

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