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Are you looking for something unique or a gift that's extra special, something that stands out from the crowded monotony of mass manufacture? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of creative recycling that is Milomade.

Evie Milo working at the jewellery bench - photo by Lisa ArnottI'm Evie Milo the designer/maker of everything that is Milomade. My motto is 'too good to waste' and when you buy from Milomade you acquire something not just unique and beautiful but something that leaves neither damage nor waste in its wake.

I first started making because, like you, I wanted to own something unique that I knew nobody else would have. I wanted to make a statement, whether this be in the jewellery that I wore, the plimsoles I painstakingly embroidered or the patterned envelopes I decorated to cheer up the local postman in the morning.

These same principles apply just as much today as they did when I was younger and I feel that I'm not alone in this pursuit. With our busy lifestyles and work schedules it's often easy to fall into making do with mass manufactured goods, but why settle for something mediocre when you can have something magnificent and Milomade!

My entire product range is made from rare and recycled materials: antique silverware, copper pipes, vintage maps to name but a few. So many of my products evoke the nostalgia of our childhoods, from the comics we used to read, to the maps used to plot our family journeys and holidays. Even a simple silver spoon has a tale to tell. Did it stir the tea of a grand lady in a castle, or feed a baby her first meal? Did it lie forgotten at the back of a dusty drawer or did it sail the seven seas and come to Scotland in a sailor’s pocket? We will never know the little spoon’s story, just that it had adventures, over many years before finding its way to my cliffside studio to be lovingly re-fashioned into something shining and new and ready for a new story…

When you buy from Milomade, I want you to feel good knowing you have purchased a high quality eco friendly product, with minimal waste, meticulously designed and made specifically with you in mind. So why not browse through the Milomade product range now and find a unique treasure or keepsake that speaks only to you, whether it be an item of jewellery, eco friendly stationery, funky recycled accessories or something unique and unusual to brighten up your home.

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